PWNED Password Checker

Checking Passwords for Data Breaches: Using Python to Secure Online Accounts

Passwords are essential to online security, but many people still use weak or easy-to-guess passwords, putting themselves at risk of being compromised. In this Python project, we'll use the PWNED website to check whether a password has been involved in a data breach and encourage users to choose stronger passwords to protect themselves.

The PWNED website is a database of passwords exposed to data breaches. It allows users to check whether their password has been compromised, so they can take action to protect themselves. The website provides an API that allows developers to access the database and check passwords programmatically.

The Python code I've written takes a user's password as input, hashes it using the SHA1 algorithm, and then sends the first five characters of the hash to the PWNED API to retrieve a list of matching passwords. The code then checks whether the complete hash of the user's password appears in the list and if so, it informs the user that their password has been found in one or more data breaches.

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Using code or services to check passwords is essential to improving online security. However, there are other steps we can take to prevent being compromised, such as using two-factor authentication, keeping software up to date, and being cautious about suspicious emails or websites. Additionally, it's essential to use strong, unique passwords for each account and to change them regularly to prevent being compromised.

In conclusion, this Python project demonstrates the importance of strong passwords and the risks of using weak or compromised passwords. By checking passwords against the PWNED database, we can identify potential risks and encourage users to choose stronger passwords to protect themselves online.

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