About Me

My Focus

Hello! I'm Eric Solis, an IT professional with a deep-rooted passion for cloud architecture and cybersecurity. With a strong foundation in technology and a drive to create innovative solutions, I am seeking new opportunities to further develop my skills as a Cloud Solutions Architect.

Key Skills and Experiences

Network and System Administration: I have hands-on experience managing and maintaining complex IT infrastructures, ensuring their stability and security.

Cybersecurity: My knowledge of cybersecurity best practices has enabled me to design and implement secure solutions that protect sensitive data and systems.

Cloud Migration and Optimization: I have been involved in cloud migration projects, working to optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.

Cross-platform Expertise: With certifications in both AWS and Azure, I have a diverse understanding of cloud platforms, making me adaptable and versatile in various cloud environments.

Meet my Furbabies

My furbabies are the light of my life, filling my days with warmth, laughter, and unconditional love. Their endearing quirks and boundless affection never fail to lift my spirits, reminding me of the simple joys that make life special.


An adorable Chihuahua, who effortlessly melts my heart with her endless affection and a hint of jealousy that only adds to her irresistible charm.


A handsome kitty with a secret soft side, who never fails to show his love through his insatiable appetite and constant need for affection.

About Blog

Welcome to my blog, where I aim to showcase my projects and provide insight into my professional journey. This platform is designed to demonstrate my expertise and passion for the field, serving as a valuable resource for prospective employers. Through sharing my experiences and knowledge, I plan to connect with like-minded professionals and establish meaningful relationships within the industry.

I kindly invite you to review my showcased projects and would greatly appreciate any feedback or thoughts you may have. To view my code, select the GitHub icon below.